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Founded by former Concur employees and former Concur business partners TurnKey Services is the first software services company to specialize in providing professional services to SaaS customers.

Concur Post-Implementation Services from TurnKey

After Concur "Go Live", a wide range of ongoing daily, weekly and monthly tasks are required.  Jobs like receipt imaging and checking expense reports for completeness and accuracy, are necessary for fiduciary responsibility - but such menial tasks are easily and cost effectively outsourced.  The same goes for reimbursing employees and managing corporate card accounts.  Other tasks like supporting users and administering the Concur system are critical to long term success; but these are not your core competencies.  Such tasks are better (and cost effectively) performed by a 3rd party knowledge partner like TurnKey.  Report writing is a great example of a critical task that helps achieve company goals.  It's also a skill that requires training and is easily lost when not used regularly.  Concur customers have an option for post implementation value added services with TurnKey.

Benefits of Post-Implementation Services
  • Achieve company T&E goals
  • Improve productivity through outsourcing
  • Reduce operational costs

Concur Post-Implementation Services from TurnKey:

Concur Expense Report Audits
Basic and Policy audits of company expense reports at 30% - 50% less.

Support for Concur End Users
Toll free access to help desk support; answers to user questions from experts improving user efficiency and system acceptance.

Concur System Administration
Outsource the entire administration of the Concur application to TurnKey and improve overall CTE results and cut internal costs.

Concur Reimbursement and Remittance  
Reimbursements to employees and remittance to credit cards in ½ the time without floating company cash.

Concur Integration As A Service
Move Concur HR/AP/GL integrations to the Cloud with big savings and benefits for the IT group. TurnKey takes the only part of a Concur implementation that's not SaaS and makes it SaaS.

Concur Reporting Service
Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions for your unique requirements.



For more information on Concur implementation services offered by Turnkey Technology Services, contact us directly at or call 888-418-8109.