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Founded by former Concur employees and former Concur business partners TurnKey Services is the first software services company to specialize in providing professional services to SaaS customers.

Concur Pre-Implementation Services from TurnKey:


TurnKey ensures the customer:

  • Is comprehensively prepared for a successful and efficient implementation
  • Acquires only the necessary Concur modules
  • Obtains the best possible business relationship with Concur

Implementation Readiness Consulting (Cliqbook and CTE)
An assessment of the customer's readiness to successfully complete a Concur implementation.  

Business Process / Strategic Consulting
Review and optimize T&E related business processes prior to Concur implementation.  Including travel procurement, corporate card, expense reporting, receipt, review and approval chain, out of pocket reimbursement and corporate card remittance, change and risk management and global deployment processes and preparedness.  

Travel and Expense Policy Consulting
Review and optimize the company travel and expense policy to maximize CTE and travel vendor results.  Comprehensive travel and expense policy development and documentation is available if necessary.  

Concur Relationship Support
Support the customer through the development of their Concur business relationship.  Review of Concur Business Services Agreement and Initial Sales Order Form, including guidance on transactional costs, incremental costs, pre production costs, production costs, Set Up costs and payment terms plus decision support on Concur modules and ancillary services.  


For more information on Concur implementation services offered by Turnkey Technology Services, contact us
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