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Founded by former Concur employees and former Concur business partners TurnKey Services is the first software services company to specialize in providing professional services to SaaS customers.

Concur Reporting Service from TurnKey

Concur gathers all of your employee spend data into one incredible dataset, and that data becomes truly powerful when it proactively supports effective business decision making. Concur data only supports effective business decisions when the right data gets to the right people in time. Proactively getting high quality T&E data, business intelligence and reporting to your people can be a real challenge for Concur customers. Many Concur clients do not have the time or resources to do this right.

Concur Reporting Service with TurnKeyShould your people learn another set of reporting tools and become experts
in Concur's data model? Should you invest dollars and time developing
report writers for T&E data, so those people can invest even more time developing reports? This is not your core mission and can be outsourced to
a trusted partner.

TurnKey has expertise in Concur's reporting tools. We also have deep knowledge of Concur data and the unique realities of T&E accounting. Put it together with years of industry experience and TurnKey can quickly and cost effectively get quality T&E data, business intelligence and reporting to your people in support of business decisions.

Outsource T&E reporting and business intelligence tasks to TurnKey with our Concur Reporting Service.


The Benefits of TurnKey's Concur Reporting Service
  • Reduced cost - both internal and external
  • Improved employee spend visibility supporting business decisions
  • Enhanced ability to catch fraud, misuse and errors
  • Improved and more effective T&E policies
  • Proactive decision making
  • Effective reporting without investing staff time


TurnKey offers two approaches to Concur Reporting Service, Fixed and Retained. The Fixed model is right for customers with clearly defined, limited and specific requirements. The Retained model takes a more comprehensive approach to Concur Analytics, Reporting and Business Intelligence overall.

Fixed Reporting Service – For customers who need a specific number of clearly defined reports:

In the Fixed reporting model, TurnKey meets with the client to understand the details of a specific number of reports. A written specification is developed including exactly which reports will be produced and as many details as are known. A fixed price is proposed for the "written spec" based on the analysis of the effort to produce the reports. Reasonable per-report costs vary slightly, depending on the complexity of the report and other factors that can affect the effort. When the reports are completed (typically within a few business days), TurnKey delivers the results, the client double checks that the specification has been met, signs off and receives an invoice at that time.

Retained Reporting Service – For customers who need comprehensive reporting help over an extended period.

In the Retained reporting model, the client retains TurnKey for an engagement of hours per week over a number of weeks or months. Initially, TurnKey works with the client to develop and document the complete list of Business Intelligence requirements and objectives. The client and TurnKey develop together a Statement of Work or Service Agreement that fits the engagement. The Retained model includes consulting that may address configuration change and policy suggestions that, depending on the client and their goals, could be required to achieve the Business Intelligence objectives.

Typically, depending on the need, the client and TurnKey agree together on a certain number of hours per week (5, 10, 15, etc.). Once reports are ready to be produced, TurnKey will set about creating reports until the client is satisfied that the Business Intelligence goals have been met. TurnKey rolls out reports to the target audience as they become available. Depending on the magnitude of the requirements, Project Management and Change Management may be required.


Advantages of TurnKey's Concur Reporting Service
  • Multiple options to fit any client's unique situation
  • TurnKey will create a single report for you or be your partner over months or years if desired
  • TurnKey's retained service produces any number of reports at a pace that's comfortable for you
  • TurnKey does not require a committed number of reports
  • TurnKey's rates are very reasonable – typically 30% - 50% lower

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