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Founded by former Concur employees and former Concur business partners TurnKey Services is the first software services company to specialize in providing professional services to SaaS customers.

Concur Reimbursement and Remittance from TurnKey

When your employees travel for business they expect reimbursement for out of pocket expenses. If they're using a corporate card, the card balances must be remitted. Most Concur customers pay Concur to handle reimbursement and remittance for them via the Concur Pay service. However, today there is another secure option... one that takes only 24 hours and doesn't have a third party pulling funds from a company bank account.

Concur Reimbursement and Remittance SolutionsConcur Reimbursement and Remittance from TurnKey is a global payment service that securely leverages your Concur data (and your existing banking relationships) to automatically reimburse employees for out of pocket expenses. It also facilitates corporate card remittance. Reimbursements and remittances from TurnKey happen in as little as 24 hours using the ACH network in North America, and leverage international standards wherever you do business.

Concur Reimbursement and Remittance from TurnKey is a low cost, secure, and high quality alternative to Concur Pay. It reduces time to reimburse and offers new international reimbursement options, leveraging available electronic payment standards and existing banking relationships.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Concur Reimbursement and Remittance to TurnKey:
  • Reduces cost - both internal and external
  • Improved reimbursement cycle time – 24 hours in many cases
  • Improved user experience – Faster reimbursements, happier employees
  • Less burden on internal staff – Exceptions handled by TurnKey
  • Secure – No need for third party to pull funds from company account


Information about Concur Reimbursement and Remittance from TurnKey:

Concur Reimbursement and remittance from TurnKey is a secure service in which TurnKey acts as a third party sender of payment instructions to your bank for reimbursement of your employees. In North America, we leverage NACHA ACH. In foreign markets we leverage current standards, BACS and FPS in the UK, and others in Asia and Europe.

For cash out of pocket, TurnKey uses your data from the Concur Standard Accounting Extract to prepare the NACHA ACH file. TurnKey establishes a secure connection to your bank to submit the file. Upon receiving the file, your bank uses your data to send your employees cash out of your account.

For credit card remittance, TurnKey uses your data from the Concur Standard Accounting Extract to prepare a remittance file for your corporate card provider. TurnKey works directly with your corporate card provider to prepare a remittance file in a format conforming to the unique regional, bank-specific and card program standards. Then, for payment, TurnKey either sends your bank an ACH payment instruction to match the remittance payment amount, or advises you of the amount so you can pay via wire if that is your preferred method.

TurnKey's Concur Reimbursement and Remittance service leverages industry standards but is unique to each customer's requirements. TurnKey adapts to your card program, your bank, your international locations and your employees to provide a payment solution that is faster, less costly and secure.

After initial setup activities, TurnKey provides the continuing Concur Reimbursement and Remittance Service described below:
Employee Reimbursements: TurnKey will work with the client, the client's Concur Expense data and the client's bank to generate ACH/foreign standard format files for processing. TurnKey will then process these files, on a periodic basis determined by the client, transmitting them to the bank for final remittance. NOTE: The client is responsible for providing appropriate bank accounts for this service. TurnKey is not responsible for transmitting or transferring funds into this account.

Corporate Card Remittance: TurnKey will coordinate with both the credit card company and the client bank to generate appropriate remittance files for processing.

Payment Service Detail: Expense information is transmitted to TurnKey from customers via a secured FTP session. In North America, expense data is reformatted into ACH format. For foreign markets, data is reformatted into the appropriate standard format. The data is transmitted to the customer's bank through a secured FTP session. The following controls ensure the completeness, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality of this process:

  • A user ID and strong password are required to access the FTP site at TurnKey.
  • The FTP site is housed on a dedicated workstation, that is PCI and SAS-70 certified.
  • PGP encryption of the FTP data is provided.
  • Expense batches are logged and the log is reviewed to ensure that all anticipated batches are received.
  • Accuracy of payment data is ensured through the use of both commercial and custom TurnKey software, providing mandatory fields for appropriate data.
  • Summary and detail reports are created by the process and can be communicated to the Concur expense customer.
  • TurnKey staff communicates with the recipient bank and confirms receipt (and the concurrence) of critical check figures
  • A two-way reconciliation mechanism may be available to the client depending on the client's financial institution. An Email message with a financial data is created by TurnKey and sent to the client at the time of ACH transmission. The data includes the number of debits and credits and the total dollar amounts therein. Another email (or report) with similar financial data may be created by the recipient bank and sent to the client at the time of ACH batch receipt. The client may compare the bank's data to the TurnKey data for reconciliation.
  • Exception Handling: in the case of a failed payment (examples: bad routing or bank number, employee changes bank account but fails to notify company, etc.) TurnKey will manually reprocess those payments in cooperation with the customer.
  • In most cases, the client will receive notice from their bank that the disbursement failed.
  • The client notifies TurnKey about the failed disbursement.
  • TurnKey will work with the customer to help them identify what caused the failed payment.
  • The customer obtains the correct information which will allow a successful payment
  • TurnKey will use that information to create a manual instruction file for the Client's financial institution and then manually submit it to the client's bank for processing.


Advantages of TurnKey's Support Service:
  • Reimbursement process is faster – Up to 75% faster
  • TurnKey never tries to make money on your money by floating your cash
  • Rates are consistent – No incremental fees for exceeding a certain volume
  • Pay by the payment made, not the expense report
  • Use your existing bank
  • TurnKey facilitates low cost payments in foreign markets
  • TurnKey helps resolve failed payments


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