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Founded by former Concur employees and former Concur business partners TurnKey Services is the first software services company to specialize in providing professional services to SaaS customers.

Concur Expense Report Audit Service from TurnKey

Nobody in your organization wants to audit expense reports. But, left unchecked, errors and fraud in expense reports will waste company money. Automated T&E systems help, but they don't catch enough to eliminate the need for a personal review.

Reviewing company expense reports is just good business. It's necessary for proper fiscal oversight.

Expense Report Auditing for Concur Asking high value managerial or accounting staff to audit expenses has them performing a menial task that's not a core competency, and one that they may dislike. What's worse, it's a task few managers take as seriously as they should. It wastes time, promotes internal conflict, and produces questionable audit quality. An independent third party audit of expense reports is a low cost option to both relieve an annoying burden from your managerial staff and produce better overall results.

Outsource expense report audits to TurnKey with our Concur Expense Report Audit Service.


The Benefits of Outsourcing Expense Report Audits to TurnKey
  • Reduced cost - both internal and external
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Higher quality audit catches more "dollars at risk"
  • Independent third party auditors are immune to influence
  • 24 hour guaranteed turnaround reduces expense report cycle time
  • Improves morale and cuts internal tension
  • Management review focused on ROI: from, "Do these receipts match?" to, "Should we have taken this trip?" or "What did we get out of this trip?


TurnKey's Concur Expense Report Audit Service checks expense reports for completeness and accuracy. There are two flavors of the service available: Basic and Policy. The Basic Audit service is identical for every customer that takes it, with no room for customization. Policy Audit Service includes customizable features.


Basic Audit Service – receipt substantiation and expense reporting validations that many customers want including:

Expense Type Validation: A review of accompanying receipts to ensure that the expense type matches the type of purchase listed on the receipt.
Receipt Substantiation: Receipt verification ensures that receipts for expenses match the expenses listed in the expense report.
Cash Expense Review (Out-Of-Pocket Expenses): This consists of a review of the expense report to ensure that supporting documentation for cash expenses is included with the report.
Taxable Item Identification: Identifies all taxable items to the submitter per applicable tax law.
Capital Expense Review: A review of accompanying receipts to determine whether a purchase should be classified as an asset based on applicable tax law.


Policy Audit Service – TurnKey performs a custom audit of expense reports for completeness,
accuracy and adherence to a unique travel and expense policy.

The Policy Audit service is advanced and unique for every customer that takes it, with room for significant customization. It includes everything in the Basic Audit service, but Policy Audit also includes best practice consulting to assist the customer in development of a custom audit policy against which expense reports will be audited. Policy Audit handles exceptions in a customized fashion too, allowing the client to choose how TurnKey interacts with end users.


Advantages of TurnKey's Audit Service
  • 24 hour guarantee – or your audit is free
  • TurnKey only bills for audits actually performed – TurnKey customers never pay for "unused audit transactions"
  • TurnKey's rates are consistent – No incremental fees for exceeding a certain volume
  • Audits from TurnKey typically cost 30% – 50% less per audit than other audit services
  • TurnKey allows a cap on transaction volume – Budget the audit expense, never exceed a desired volume!


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