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Founded by former Concur employees and former Concur business partners TurnKey Services is the first software services company to specialize in providing professional services to SaaS customers.

Support for Concur End Users from TurnKey

Concur End-User SupportConcur end users are going to have questions: maybe about Concur usage, their passwords, company travel policy, or the corporate card program, or even about the travel agency. Users with questions seek answers. They go to their coworkers, managers, Accounting, IT staff and/or anywhere they can find help. Bad answers are problematic at best. Giving users good answers drives satisfaction, adoption and quality results from your T&E program . . . but at what cost to the company?

When two of your employees put their heads together to answer a question about how to use software, or how to interpret company policy, those two people are not focusing on their core job function. Providing support for end users of software is another task that is both important, and not the company's core competency. Asking high value managerial, accounting, or IT staff to be the "Concur Help Desk" is not what you hired them to do. What's worse, it's a task that requires constant knowledge upkeep and customer service skills training few in accounting or IT ever get. Receiving User Support direct from Concur only answers questions about Concur feature functionality.

TurnKey Support for Concur End Users is a low cost high quality option to answer all of your users T&E related questions, and relieve a challenging burden from your staff that produces better overall results.


The Benefits of Outsourcing Support for End Users to TurnKey
  • Reduced cost - both internal and external
  • Improved productivity – one stop shop for all T&E related answers
  • Employees with questions get back to work quickly
  • Relieves burden on IT/Accounting/Managerial staff helping them focus on their core responsibilities.
  • Improved user experience from support staff trained in customer servic
  • Improved support availability – never sick, on vacation or busy
  • Improved morale, less internal tension
  • Reporting identifies problem areas helping customers take corrective action with employees or vendors


Information about the Support for Concur End Users Service

TurnKey Support for Concur End Users is a service in which TurnKey provides first level email or phone support for Concur users. The support service is uniquely adapted to each customer's support requirements. TurnKey adapts to unique requirements based on: History with Concur, corporate card program, travel agency, company culture, user community, company policies and so on. TurnKey Support for Concur end users is a premium support service at a reasonable cost.

After initial set up activities, TurnKey provides the continuing End User Support Service described below:

First-Level Support: First-level support services will include toll free telephone support and email support between the customer's end users and TurnKey support services staff. TurnKey support services staff will be available during normal 1st shift business hours excluding holidays.

• TurnKey's 1st Shift: 8:30 AM Eastern – 5:30 PM Pacific US

• Additional hours available upon request

Concur Expense Operation and Function: TurnKey will accurately answer end-user questions regarding the operation and function of the customer's unique configuration of Concur Travel & Expense.

Corporate Card, Travel Agency: If desired, TurnKey will accurately answer end-user questions regarding the company's corporate card program and travel agency. Escalating advanced issues to the correct contact if necessary and tracking those issues to resolution for users.

Customer Accounting Policies and Procedures: If desired, TurnKey will accurately answer end-user questions regarding the customer's specific Accounting policies and procedures relative to expense reporting.

Concur, Corporate Card, Travel Agency Service Issues: TurnKey will promptly escalate issues reported by end users regarding an actual or suspected error or problem with Concur, the corporate card provider, or the travel agency, to the proper contact for issue identification, troubleshooting, and resolution. TurnKey will stay involved in resolution to the extent possible.

Supported Languages: TurnKey will provide the services identified above in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Japanese. Additional languages available upon request.

Knowledge and Training: TurnKey ensures that all support staff attend regular training and are knowledgeable on the operation and function of Concur Expense. TurnKey will work with the customer to train support staff on each customer's specific policies and procedures related to Travel and Expense. TurnKey will also be responsible for training support staff on each customer's escalation process and procedures.

Reporting: TurnKey will provide a monthly service report via email to the customer providing statistics including:

• The number of end-user calls and emails in the month
• The number of end-user calls and emails logged as "issues" and escalated to Concur, the corporate card provider and/or the travel agency
• A summary of the type of calls and emails submitted (example: functional question, service issue, customer policy or procedure question, or other)


Advantages of TurnKey's Support Service
  • TurnKey bills for support actually performed – TurnKey customers never pay for support based on the number of expense reports
  • Rates are consistent – No incremental fees for exceeding a certain volume
  • More than just feature function software support, end users can get answers on company policy, plus card provider and travel agency related questions from a single phone call
  • TurnKey provides a dedicated toll free line for your company:
  • No "press one for this, press two for that." Only an administrator trained to handle your instance of Concur will address your task requests, eliminating the need for, "What company are you with?"


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