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Founded by former Concur employees and former Concur business partners TurnKey Services is the first software services company to specialize in providing professional services to SaaS customers.

Concur System Administration Service from TurnKey

Concur Travel and Expense applications are enterprise solutions. Simply put, they require system administration. System administration includes initial and ongoing configuration, daily maintenance as well as effective use of new features and functions as Concur releases them. But you are not in the software system administration business. Concur Integration ExpertiseConsequently, any time and energy put towards Concur system administration detracts from your core mission. This is a classic scenario for outsourcing.

Asking high value accounting or IT staff to administer Concur software asks them to perform a complex task that is not a core competency. It's also one that requires a certain amount of dedication to achieve quality results, and contingency planning for vacation or extended leave. It's requires detailed system knowledge to understand long range implications of system configuration decisions, plus experience to make optimum choices and leverage new features as appropriate.

Save time and effort by outsourcing Concur system administration to TurnKey with our System Administration Service.


The Benefits of Outsourcing Concur System Administration to TurnKey
  • Reduced cost - Both internal and external
  • Improved operational efficiency – Keep your people on their core function
  • Proactive administration – Less deadline scrambling
  • Improves overall results from Concur software
  • Turnkey expertise improves user satisfaction with the application
  • Eliminates administration mistakes (and their consequences)
  • Improved administration availability – never sick, on vacation or busy
  • "Must haves", "should haves" and "wants" can be prioritized at your discretion


Information about the System Administration Service

TurnKey's Concur System Administration Service is a service in which TurnKey acts as the system administrator for a Concur customer taking on as much or as little as the customer wants. TurnKey can handle a standing list of agreed upon daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks on behalf of the customer. Additionally, designated contacts can initiate ad hoc system administration tasks with TurnKey. TurnKey tracks and logs all tasks through completion. Resolution of all tasks is communicated to the customer. Further, TurnKey will recommend System Administration tasks that will optimize the customer's Concur experience and results... for example, the activation of a newly released feature. TurnKey executes approved tasks and tracks, logs and communicates changes.

After initial set up activities, TurnKey can provide the continuing Concur System Administration Service described below:

Configuration Changes: Adjustments to Concur's functional configuration, which impact the user experience (example: Allowable limits per expense type, creating expense types, etc.)

Content Changes:  Adjustments to the content within Concur Travel and Expense, allowing effective end-user experience (example: adding departments, adding users, assigning credit card accounts, creating/editing project codes, etc.)

Workflow Administration: Administering all aspects of workflow including creating new workflows and adjusting existing workflows.  

Communications: Includes creating effective notifications for end users

Integration Administration: Includes payment reconciliation and payment file validation plus:

• Management of active/inactive employees, active/inactive pay groups, assistance with and resolution of GL errors, cost center errors, import errors and warnings; and

• Corporate card file verification missing' transactions, smart expense matching, and accommodating employees and approvers who have left the company.

Imaging Support:  Includes Concur Imaging support, and handling failed transmissions, etc.

Concur Intelligence:  Any activities around creating, running and distributing reports, including strategizing with the customer to answer questions through reporting

Other System Administration:  This service definition can grow to accommodate each customer's needs/wants. For example, corporate card program administrators and/or travel managers for Concur expense customers.  

System Administration Reporting:  TurnKey will provide a monthly service reports via email to the customer including:
• A detail report including the number of system administration tasks performed throughout the month
• A summary of tasks by type


Advantages of TurnKey's Concur System Administration Service
  • TurnKey only bills for System Administration tasks actually performed – TurnKey customers never pay for "unused transactions"
  • Rates are consistent – No incremental fees for exceeding a certain volume
  • System administration can extend to corporate card and/or travel agency administration
  • TurnKey provides a dedicated toll free line for your company
  • No "press one for this, press two for that." Only an administrator trained to handle your instance of Concur will address your task requests, eliminating the need for, "What company are you with?"


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